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Practice Areas

Real Estate

There is special excitement that comes with the purchase or sale of a piece of property. While most of the time, transactions have only minor bumps along the way, sometimes significant problems may crop up, which can slow down or even prevent the deal from happening.

I provide a high level of experience and local knowledge to the practice of real estate law in New Jersey. I work with clients throughout the real estate transaction process and help resolve any issues that threaten the success of a transaction. 

Let me help you ensure that your real estate purchase, sale or lease agreement is handled smoothly and accurately. I work to help you to understand the often confusing procedures associated with your matter so that you can make informed choices concerning this significant transaction. 

My success with clients is largely due to the fact that, unlike lawyers in larger firms, I am able to maintain close contact with those I serve. In this way, I am able to provide legal assistance that is specific and individualized.

Personal Injury

A personal injury can be a devastating event physically, emotionally and financially. When a personal injury occurs it is not just the hospital and doctor bills that can be a burden but the loss of salary, benefits, and normal life activities. It is always wise to confer with a lawyer as soon as the injury occurs to find out your legal rights and options available. By contacting me, I can find out if you are qualified to collect compensation for the injury and damages sustained in the accident.

Despite the common nature of automobile accidents, each case involves a unique set of facts, circumstances, causes, and claims. It is imperative to ensure that your legal rights are protected with an experienced automobile accident attorney. A car accident can result in serious or fatal injuries and result in costly medical expenses, damages, long-term care needs, as well as lost wages. I work to recover for you financially from the insurance company of the car that hit you, so you can begin to recover physically.

Similarly, slip & fall accidents may sound like minor accidents, but they can actually be quite serious and can cause significant injuries. These incidents can also be very expensive. Medical bills can quickly mount, and an injury that takes you out of work for months can result in significant lost wages. A New Jersey slip and fall accident lawsuit can help you recover those costs from a negligent property owner, as well as compensate you for injuries and other losses.

Since 1989, I have successfully represented many people get the compensation they deserve for pain and suffering following an accident caused by someone else’s fault. I have the legal skill and experience necessary to secure fair settlements and verdicts for victims of personal injury.

If you have been injured - regardless of the circumstances - I will evaluate your case at no cost to you to help you understand your rights and to let you know if you may be able to receive monetary compensation for the pain and injuries that you suffered from the accident.


For years, I have worked with clients who face many financial problems: crushing credit card debt with high interest rates, home foreclosures, vehicle repossessions, lawsuits and judgments against them, unemployment or substantial decrease in income, overwhelming medical bills and struggling for failed small businesses. The fact of the matter is that you are not a bad person, but through circumstances that you didn’t anticipate, and a failing national economy, you are in nearly insurmountable financial distress.

If you find yourself in this situation, I can help. Your initial bankruptcy consultation with me is free. I will go over your personal situation with you and explain how bankruptcy may affect your debts, property and assets. I will not recommend bankruptcy if there are better options available to your to end your financial struggles. At the end of the consultation, if bankruptcy is your best option, I will assist you in taking the next step.

Immediately upon retaining an attorney to represent you in bankruptcy, the harassing phone calls from bill collectors must stop. Filing bankruptcy also stops a home foreclosure in its tracks while your bankruptcy is pending allowing you more time to deal with the situation and plan your next move.

If you are overwhelmed by your finances, bankruptcy may be the right solution to help you deal with your financial problems. I can assist you in making your decision to file bankruptcy and educate you on how the bankruptcy process can protect your assets and help you get a fresh start.

Family Law

I understand the many ways a divorce will affect the lives of both spouses and children and know how difficult every issue of a divorce can be. I have experience in dealing with these issues, which include: separating from a spouse, establishing custody and parenting schedules, calculating child support and dividing up property you have jointly accumulated over the years. While a divorce can be difficult, I will assist you through the process and offer legal solutions to secure your interests into the future.

I take the time to listen to my client’s concerns, respond to telephone calls and remain available to answer questions throughout the duration of every case. It is important that people going through a divorce have the information and support they need to make important decisions about their futures regarding child custody, visitation, child support, alimony and division of property.

When you are facing legal decisions that will shape the rest of your life, you should work with a compassionate attorney that has the dedication you need and deserve. I am committed to providing clients with the highest quality legal representation to yield timely and effective results. I work to protect your rights and interests, now and into the future.

Municipal Court

Sometimes it is the seemingly minor legal matters — having to appear in traffic court or municipal court — that cause the greatest unease. These matters may seem trivial so many people fail to secure legal counsel. Yet the fact remains that utilizing the experience of an attorney can go a long way in helping you to find a satisfactory outcome in your case.

I have successfully represented clients who have been pulled over for the following driving infractions:


•Failure to stop

•Driving on the suspended list

•Driving with a suspended license


Facing a judge in municipal court on your own can be a jarring, if not nerve-rattling experience. It can often be difficult to obtain a minimum sentence or fine on your own. I represent clients by accompanying them to court appearances, reviewing discovery, discussing plea-bargaining options and, if need be, trying the case.

Countless clients have found satisfaction in the way that I am able to quickly resolve their issues. While I make no guarantees regarding outcomes, I am able to bring peace of mind to a potentially trying experience.

Landlord Tenant

Whether you live in or own a residential rental property, lease a commercial office complex or have a multifamily home that you intend to rent, the most significant aspect of leasing or renting is the relationship between the landlord and tenant. When one of the parties in this relationship fails to uphold his or her end of an agreement, disputes arise — disagreements that often end up in court. I represent both landlords and tenants in these disputes.

I work closely with my clients meet their needs. Using my knowledge and experience, I am able to address questions and concerns and set realistic, practical goals. Together we can discuss the best way to resolve your issues whether by settlement or litigation.

Wills & Probate

Last Wills & Testaments

In New Jersey today, regardless of financial situation, everyone should have a will, trust, power of attorney, and living will. These documents can arrange for care and finances of minor children and the transfer of property and assets to heirs or other beneficiaries, in order to provide the family and loved ones with legal rights to property after the individual has passed away. 

Life-changing moments — the start of a new marriage or birth of a child — often prompt people to create Wills. This is important, but I also encourage clients to review their wills and trusts periodically. Changes in circumstances, such as financial modifications or domestic situations are valuable opportunities for everyone to review their estate plans.

Estate Administration

The death of a person is devastating, especially when that person was someone you love. A family needs to deal with its grief, yet the world moves forward and demands that obligations be met and affairs finalized. There are bills to pay and property to transfer and the probate process to get through. The wills seems clear, but you don't know where to begin or exactly what to do. I can help. 

If you're an executor, administrator or beneficiary of an estate, I can answer your questions, help you resolve any issues that you may be confronting, coordinate the transfer of assets to beneficiaries, pay bills and taxes and file returns. If you're a family member whose loved one died without a will, I can help you understand the process required to finalize their estate in a timely and professional manner. 

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